I guess by now you've figured out what my name is.
Welcome to my website.

Here are some songs I've written and recorded.
Although I've done plenty of recordings, these three are all written, recorded and performed entirely by myself.
For a good while now I haven't written anything new, mostly because I get totally involved with the production and then everything else takes a back seat.
A long time ago I got quite enthusiastic when I realized I could have a free website.
All fired up and with no knowledge whatsoever of how to design a website, I started making what can best be described as a public embarrassment.

I think this new version fixes all that.
Most of this website deals with my recordings, electric guitars and music related topics.
Although I started learning to play guitar at the age of 12, it was only when my enthusiasm for music and playing guitar really got the better of me and I began a band at the age of 14, that I developed sufficiently as a musician to call myself a lead guitarist.

Not so much when I started with the band but by playing guitar and soloing to various songs, working with other musicians, practicing AND performing, one trains one's ear to recognize and play what works with the music as well as how to successfully incorporate into your own playing the styles of other guitarists.

Round about the year 1991 I was involved in a band called Deriga.
Most of the songs where written by Doctor Chris Wright.
The band was renamed "The Work Dept" in my absence.
This song was written in two stages. I had the chorus for about two years before the verses fell into place.
This song is totally fictional. I was trying to write something else but it seems this song was waiting to come out instead.
My attempt at writing a pop song. There's only a very vague possible mental connection to an ex girlfriend of mine.
Room for two - The Motel song - Afraid of the dark.
This song has had a variety of names assigned to it, The motel song, Room for two and of course Afraid of the dark.

I personally think it should be called "Just a breath away" but who knows if it'll stick.

Apart from Marinda Gouws and Sebastian Van Niekerk having passed on, Doctor Chris Wright as well as the most excellent sound engineer Richard Austin are also no longer with us.

I like to think, and I know this personally to be the truth of our existence, that they are just on the other side of a thin veil.
In case video doesn't play, you can watch it on youtube here: Room For Two
Callaghan custom electric guitar
My Callaghan Shark fin guitar

What other music activities am I involved in?

Well, I guess you know by now that I play guitar.

A long time ago while doing the gig circuit, when these little music machines called sequencers came out, I became intrigued by the possibility of putting my original songs into the program.

So I went out and bought myself a keyboard, the Roland U20 and a sequencer Kawai Q80. The Kawai wasn't compatible with anything else but the manual taught me all about midi. It taught me very well.

Ever since then I've been making backings for everyone else, so that's what I do now.

I make backing tracks!
Actually, I remake entire recordings minus the vocals, with live guitars and anything else that I can to make it as realistic and close to the original as possible.
Breaking all the rules
It could've been such a lovely day
It's too late now
The guitar I used on the Deriga recordings was an electric guitar I had custom built for me by a good friend and luthier, Kerry Callaghan.
You can check out his guitars here: Callaghan guitars

Ironically, the guitar is also no longer with us but at least I have pictures. Best sounding rock guitar ever.
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