My Custom Electric Guitar built by Allen Lewitt

Last I checked, Mr Lewitt has decided to rather build his own line of bass guitars rather than custom electrics.

I hear his basses are quite hot, but they're not custom from what I can make out.

When you search the internet for custom electric guitar you get mostly guitars that are described as custom, but they are using the term "Custom" simply to describe their top of the range models.

When having a guitar custom built it's best to be specific about every aspect of the guitar, even so far as looking over the entire design on paper.

The specifications for my custom built guitar

Neck: One piece mahogany neck through body.

Fretboard: Compound radius 7.25 inch at the nut to 9.5 at 24 th fret. The fretboard wood is African Blackwood (Dalbergia Melonoxylon).

Body: Mahogany with a figured walnut top and black binding.

Pickups: Kent Armstrong M214K Humbuckers with coil tap and 3 way switch.

Bridge: Fixed bridge with string through body feed.

The reason I wanted this guitar built was firstly for the tone.
A long time ago I had an Ibanez Artist solid body electric guitar that was made entirely out of mahogany.
I took the stock pickups out and replaced them with Schaller Hot Stuff pickups.
I played the guitar through a sansamp pedal (the original one with the micro-switches) set up in the effects loop of my ART SGX 2000 processor.

It was the only time I've ever been totally enthralled by a guitar sound.
This guitar was to be re-equipped with a Schaller Hot Stuff in the bridge, unfortunately though, having recently bought a pair of Hot Stuff pickups and put them in another guitar, they seem to feedback too easily and the tone is not what it used to be.

I may go for some similar style pickups from just to get that delicious sound back.

So you see now why I chose mahogany for the neck and body. The right mahogany is a phenomenal tone wood.
Lewitt custom electric guitar
The Kent Armstrong pickups that I bought initially to have built into this guitar are the OEM Distortion humbuckers, model number M214K.

Initially I thought they where a bit on the bright side, but now that I've gotten used to them, I'm having second thoughts about changing them.

The harmonics come squealing out of this guitar, and thanks to the mahogany, there's plently of that smooth growling purr as well........ Know what I mean?
Lewitt Custom electric guitar headstock
Below is a video of  me playing the guitar.
It's a cell phone recording, but the sound was recorded through the mixing desk in my home studio and synced up later. This is a really old cell phone.
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