Sure, they did all the videos over, maybe added some extra info relating to Gibson, but
still my version and the new one will be relatively the same.

The course consists of 20 DVDs and 5 CDs as well as a book. The 5 CDs are 100 jam along tracks so you can play some of the lessons and songs to a full backing track.
The guitar course is now called Gibson's Learn and Master guitar, after they did all the videos over.
I've got the original version which is simply called Learn and Master guitar without any Gibson affiliation, as pictured on the left.

From what I've been told, it's the same guitar course with all the same guitar instruction covered and taught by Steve Krenz.
Lately I've been hearing these three terms, beginner, intermediate and advanced. I wish it was that simple but I suppose I can be glad it's not.
This guitar course will get you to a level of playing where you can freely start exploring the styles of other guitarists, or alternately explore further the styles already included in the course.

Will you learn to play lead guitar? Yes, and with a good understanding of what you're actually doing.
This may come as a surprise to you but there are a lot of lead guitar players out there who don't know half the things you'll learn in this course, and I'm ashamed to admit I may have been one of them.

That being said, the first real lesson on playing lead guitar is based on the pentatonic scale, which is easier to use for soloing and great for starting out lead guitar with.

When I began learning lead guitar about 38 years ago, nobody taught me the pentatonic scale. I began with the major scale, which the pentatonic is based on.

You do learn the major scale though in Learn and master guitar, after all, the entire music system is based on the major scale.
Anyway, the pentatonic is in session 11 and we've still got session 20 to get up to.

The way the guitar course is structured is somewhat different to what you would expect, or at least think about learning guitar.
One doesn't first learn rhythm guitar and then progress to lead guitar lessons.

The course is structured in such a way that from early on, one is learning to pick notes, guitar scale theory, read music, play chords and so on, all slowly introduced while you adjust to a greater understanding of and ability to play the guitar.

This is not to say that other guitar instruction methods are wrong, merely to point out the difficulty in labeling levels of accomplishment.
To illustrate my point, session 19 is called "Soloing" while session 20 is called "All the chords you need to know".
Apart from a section on blues guitar, there's a good few other guitar lessons on fingerstyle guitar, Jazz, classical and certain playing techniques used by guitar players like Merle Travis and a few others.

The lessons on various styles aren't that in depth as to become a guitar course on their own, however they do give you enough info and practice to become capable of playing in that style.
You may want to get more in depth instruction on a particular style later when you've finished the Learn and master guitar course.  

For the most part, I would say if you want to learn how to play electric guitar while investigating a few other classical and acoustic styles of playing as well, this guitar course seems a good fit.
Steel string acoustic guitar players may find it beneficial as well, although not as useful as an electric guitarist will.
If you're looking to learn classical guitar I would suggest something specifically written for the classical guitar student.
This course has a more rounded approach to learning the guitar.

I guess the difficulty comes about when you write a guitar course that covers as much as possible without getting too long.
I think a 20 DVD guitar course like this one deserves at least some forgiveness for not covering every guitar style in depth.

It at least makes a darn good attempt and gets you well acquainted with the fundamental principles involved with playing each style.

You never really stop learning guitar though, so that's up to you.
By the end of this guitar course you should be capable of playing lead guitar.
Learn and Master Guitar course box
Inside the box: The box is quite sturdy and well capable of protecting the book, DVD and CD set.
The book contains 104 pages of guitar instruction to go along with the 10 main DVDs. The 20 extra workshop sessions on DVD 11 to 20 have a separate workbook that can be downloaded from their website.

The very first version of the course was a 10 DVD course but was later expanded to 20 in order to provide extra help, instruction and practice on each of the guitar lesson segments already included.
Each set of guitar lessons is called a session on the disc, there being 2 sessions per disc.

There are a good number of individual lessons within each session so it gets quite comprehensive.
One thing that becomes very obvious to me going through this guitar course is how logically the guitar lessons are sequenced, each one building on the other.

Steve Krenz doesn't give you an opportunity to skip vital information you'll need in future lessons.
One thing's for sure, the guitar lessons are very thorough and with the extra 10 DVDs there's plenty extra things to practice as well as clarify and reinforce what's already been learned.

How far will the guitar course take you?

Styles of guitar playing included in the DVDs.

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