Professional Backing Tracks

Yup! That's what I do. I make professional backing tracks.

After many years of making backing tracks for singers, there will always be those tracks that, when finished, leave you with a feeling of pride in your work.

Unlike a gig, where no matter how well you've performed, the memory fades and even if you wanted to, you can't share it with anyone else once it's over, unless you put all your gigs on DVD.

Here then are some short demonstrations of some of the backing tracks I'm kinda fond of, and a place where, if you're interested in using them professionally, you can buy the complete track.

They are available in any key, although it should be mentioned that the best quality is always as close to the original key as possible.
Better be home soon
Blue night
Could it be any harder
Devil Woman
Everybody hurts
How long
These audio clips should play well in most web browsers.
If you play a song demo, please wait for it to stop before playing the next one, or manually stop the previous one.

I wish I could play you entire songs here but unfortunately I would get into all sorts of legal issues.
It's a lot easier with original compositions.
I also have so many that I think came out well, most of them actually, that it's impossible to put them all on one page.

It's just that most of them I don't really want to listen to again.
This is just to give you an idea.

Short 30 sec samples of some of my backing tracks

What I like about this song by Crowded House is that the backing sounds very close to the original, and my favourite Hammond sound fits in just right.
For this song by Michael Learns to Rock I took a few individual drum samples from the beginning of the song to create my own drum kit.
This backing track for Could it be any harder by The Calling actually has two drum tracks. This adds extra dynamic feel. This is one of my favorite backing track productions
Probably the main reason I like this track is because it's possibly the only Cliff Richard song that resonated with my rock guitar leanings when I was young.
This is The Corrs version of Everybody hurts. A friend of mine mentioned that the violin sounds like it's played delicately.
I like the live feel.
Graceland by Paul Simon has some interesting drum sounds. I made some of the noises up out of all sorts of weird samples. My drum kits are soundfonts.
For the guitar on How long by the Notting Hillbillies I managed to get an almost identical tone to Mark Knopfler. I like it when that happens.
All my backing tracks are available on the Protrax website:
I haven't made that a live link as I've already linked to them from two pages on my site.

You can highlight the text and then right click and choose "open link in new tab" or "go to website" or something like that if your browser is NOT Internet explorer 8.

Your browser should turn the text into a link. Cool huh!? Try it.
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