Pampoen by Steve Hofmeyr, also available with a melody line, which is especially helpful for young children.
Hemel op Tafelberg by Kurt Darren.
Getoor by Fredi Nest. I hope you weren't.
Beautiful in Beaufort-Wes by Theuns Jordaan. The song sounds very live, probably because it mostly is.
100 jaar by Die Campbells.
Hemel op Tafelberg
Ek wil my baby he vanaand
Ek en Jy
Dis waar ek wil wees
Honderd jaar
Beautiful in Beaufort Wes
Deurmekaar by Karen Zoid.
This song is mostly acoustic guitar with the full band coming in towards the end.
Blou by Laurika Rauch. All keyboards, even the guitar.
Ek wil my baby he vanaand by Nicholas Louw. This track is available with or without backing vocals in the original key.
Ek en Jy by Juanita Du Plessis.
Dis waar ek wil wees by Juanita Du Plessis. Also available with backing vocals as well as melody line for kids.
When I first began making backing tracks I never used live guitar. That was before computers where fast enough and had a big enough memory to do any serious audio recording.
This last little demo here was all done with a guitar to midi converter, meaning that it was all keyboard sounds.
These days all the guitar work is live, thank goodness.
Karaoke means "without the band", basically the band is now on backing tracks.

When most people think of Karaoke they think of CD players and screens with lyrics to help you sing along with the backing music.

I can only offer you the backtracks with separate lyrics, seeing as these backing tracks are intended more for the professional or semi-professional singer who wants to perform certain songs.
Pretty much like the original Karaoke of the past.

This then, is a small demo of my Afrikaans Karaoke music. The place to buy any of my backing tracks, as well as plenty more is included below.
I've also expanded the number of demo tracks on my Afrikaanse Backtracks page.

30 second demos of my Afrikaans karaoke backtracks

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Afrikaans karaoke - Afrikaans backtracks

All of my backings are available at Protrax Music production house.

Just about all of my backing tracks are done with as much live instrumentation as possible, however there are a few exceptions, mostly with my earlier work.

The reason for this is that I began making backing tracks after a car accident left me without the use of my right arm for a while. A one armed guitarist doesn't get many gigs.
Nevertheless, I tried my best to make a midi keyboard sequence sound as live as possible back then.

I've made about 800 or more backtracks for Protrax over the last 17 odd years, so I can't showcase them all here.
The best thing is to visit the Protrax website and listen to the demo samples of their backtracks.
There's a heck of a lot more there than I could make in one lifetime, but at least I take up a small part of the catalogue.